Soft Fall Rubber

soft fall rubber

Meet Our Soft Fall Rubber Suppliers

Soft fall rubber ensures your child is safe in the playground. Australian Surfacing Supplies Pty Ltd has over 100 years of experience supplying soft fall rubber in Australia and international markets. We source our vast range of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber, Precoat SBR rubber, and associated products from leading manufacturers globally. Our products can withstand the harsh Australian weather and are available in various colour options to ensure you are 100% satisfied.

Our interactive play equipment brings interactivity from computers and tablets to the outdoor environment. The products will get your child exercising safely, ensuring your kid grows strong and active. Our soft fall rubber can service many applications in all aspects of surfacing, including playgrounds, school yards, aquatic surfaces, flexible footpaths, and sports surfaces. We are here to provide you with an innovative and exciting new way to play. Call us to see how we can help you.

soft fall rubber
soft fall rubber

Our Range of Soft Fall Rubber

Australian Surfacing Supplies Pty Ltd provides a range of soft fall rubber, including the following;

PlayKote rubber

Performed products

Portable sports flooring

Synthetic grass

The PlayKote-Gezolan EPDM is our premium rubber product with exceptional EPDM content and superiorly resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light, fading, and wear. The performed products include interlocking edges, an excellent solution for retaining mulch and loose-fill materials in your playground or garden beds. Our interlocking edges are more aesthetically pleasing than timber or concrete. We manufacture synthetic grass using state-of-the-art UV-stabilising materials to protect against fading and deterioration in harsh climates. Our yarn is soft, feels great, and looks naturally green all year round. The synthetic grass will outlast harsh weather conditions and allow for a hassle-free lawn that does not require mowing or watering.

soft fall rubber
soft fall rubber

Benefits of Using Soft Fall Rubber

Safety and fun come to mind when you take your children to an outdoor playground. Fortunately, soft fall rubber can make a substantial contribution to these requirements. Installing soft fall rubber on outdoor playground surfaces reduces the risk of injuries that can occur through falling. Here are the benefits of using soft fall rubber.

  1. Safety
    Playgrounds with soft fall rubber offer fall attenuation and slip-resistant abilities. We will help you minimise the risk of injury to children at ground level or falling from play equipment.
  2. Comfort
    Ground surfaces can heat up during extreme sunny days, affecting your child’s sensitive skin. However, soft fall rubber ensures the playground remains cool.
  3. Colour
    Soft fall surfaces are available in different colours, adding a playful vibe to areas designed for children. The UV-resistant ability ensures that these surfaces remain vibrant for longer.

soft fall rubber

We aim to solve our client’s challenges seamlessly with our reliable soft fall rubber. Please call us today for more information.

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