Rubber Playground Flooring

Rubber Playground Flooring

Get High-Quality Rubber Playground Flooring

Australian Surfacing Supplies Pty Ltd has over 100 years of experience supplying rubber playground flooring. We have completed thousands of projects in Australia and internationally. We source our vast range of EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber and associated products from leading global manufacturers. Our products are proven to withstand the harsh Australian climate and are available in various vibrant colour options to satisfy you. Our rubber playground flooring is ideal for multiple applications, from schoolyards to aquatic surfacing, running tracks, and flexible footpaths.

Our reputation is second to none since we are industry leaders in synthetic surfacing. We have warehouses Australia-wide, meaning we can help you wherever you are in Australia. You can install the rubber flooring when the playground is being built or on an existing one. We are here to help you have a customised playground. Call us today for more information.

Work with the Leading Rubber Playground Flooring Supplier

Our team understands that safety is a significant concern for parents. Rubber playground flooring is an excellent way to ensure children are safe when playing. The flooring reduces slips and falls and can absorb shock to prevent kids from getting hurt if they jump or fall. Australian Surfacing Supplies Pty Ltd offers various rubber products, including the following;

  • Playkote EPDM
  • Playkote Precoat
  • SBR Rubber
  • Playkote Infill
  • Playkote Binder 5762

The Playkote EPDM is our premium product. This rubber is entirely synthetic and made by the world’s leading synthetic granule manufacturer. The rubber has exceptional EPDM content and is coloured for the total thickness of the granule to provide superior resistance to ultraviolet light, fading, and wear. Our SBR rubber is designed for use in the wetpour industry. The SBR rubber is of excellent quality, free of steel, textile fibre, and is inert. These characteristics make it a perfect surfacing solution requiring a high impact-absorbing capacity.

Rubber Playground Flooring
Rubber Playground Flooring

Reliable and Durable Rubber Playground Flooring

Rubber playground flooring can last for years under normal circumstances and regular maintenance. Our team ensure you get the highest quality product and a seamless installation process. We have quality machinery tailored for wetpour rubber installers. The machinery eliminates the drama associated with mixing rubber. Our unique design will provide years of operation with minimal maintenance. Additionally, we have screed boxes that increase the installation process of your rubber playground flooring. The pour-in-place material is slowly spread from the screed box in bands of uniform depth, covering large areas quickly.

The comfort of our rubber playground flooring is second to none. Our product will help cushion falls and reduce the impact of mishaps during playtime. Unlike other surfaces, rubber playground flooring encourages children to explore since it prevents leg fatigue. The product is easy to clean since it does not absorb dust or water and will not trap odours.

Let us help you choose the right rubber playground flooring to meet your needs. We are a friendly team, ready to work with you. Call us today.

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